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Designer Hat Centerpiece!

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Kathy Bee
Singer/Songwriter Entertainer

Dear Friends,

For less than $10.00, I created my Designer Hat Centerpiece. My friends and family thought that it was great especially when I could hand them a piece of candy directly from my hat top...

It also looks very festive and puts a smile on my face every morning when I view it on my dining room table.

That's why I decided to share with you my 10 Fun & Easy Steps to designing your own Designer Hat Centerpiece.

You can also use this same method to create other holiday hat/centerpieces!

I also believe in providing the most value for your I've added 5 posted bonus gifts (worth over $100.00) plus an additional bonus, if you order during our promotional launch!

The Designer Hat Centerpieces
Are Fantastic For Fund Raising Events!

Here's Why...

* They Make Beautiful Cost Effective Centerpieces

* Raffle them-off...People of all ages will want to win.

* They are easy to make (10 steps and in 30 minutes).

* Invite your friends to hat/centerpiece making party!

* You can easily adapt the hat design to your personal taste.

* They make a great conversation piece.

* When the winner (or special guest) wears the hat, memories are made plus great photo opportunities!

* People will be singing your praises for being the first group to create such unique, fun, colorful, functional hat/centerpieces...

* The "Perfect Designer Hat" to proudly wear in a parade...

You Can Create A Designer Hat Centerpiece
For Any Holiday Or Event!

The designing methods that you will learn can be implemented to create Designer Hat Centerpieces for any and all holidays and festive activities including:


Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Weddings, Baby Showers Birthdays, Graduation Parties...
Fund Raisers or any Social Event!
You can even create a “Money Hat ”


Both kids and adults of all ages love the new
Designer Hat Centerpiece

Plus it brightens-up any formal or casual table setting.

I Spent Less Than $10.00
Creating My Designer Hat Centerpiece


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In No Time Discover How To Design:
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Learn A New SkillOnce you get those creative juices won't want to stop!
Great Activity For FriendsSet-up your very own Hat/ Centerpiece Making Tea or Luncheon. Your friends will love choosing feathers, bows and discovering how to make their very own creations!
Fits Your Budget Now you can enjoy wearing a fun new designer hat for any occasion that also doubles as a beautiful centerpiece while paying far less than you would if you had purchased a centerpiece or a designer hat from a fancy boutique .
Fits Your Non-Profit's Budget When it comes to raising need to watch your spending. With the Designer Hat Centerpiece...You save $$$ so that your profits can soar!
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"What a great unique idea...I love this video! I'm going to share this with my friends
and have my very own Designer Hat Centerpiece Party!

-- Maria

This hat is so colorful and festive...
plus it is a beautiful centerpiece.

What a great addition
to any holiday!


I am a craft person and I'm
always looking for great ideas.

The Hat/Centerpiece is very unique.

The idea that the Designer Hat Centerpieces can be made for under $10.00 makes it affordable for anyone to make a hat for any and every occasion.

I can't wait to create a hat for
The 4th of July!


I was so impressed that the Designer Hat Centerpiece was such a multi-purpose decoration. I thought of six different ways that someone could put it to use.

The fact that it was so well constructed and so light-weight was impressive too!

I also liked the fact that you could replace the standard Easter Basket with this unique hat/centerpiece.



“What All Do I Get?”

The Designer Hat Centerpiece


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You Get The Special Friend Rate

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